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Order Guide
How long does it take from the time I submit my order until you begin working on the job?
Any jobs that come in before 12.00pm each day except weekends during working hours will go through our job process verification line on the same day. A proof will be prepared within 3 hours if your files have been prepared properly. If there is a problem with your file, we will contact you immediately to keep your project moving forward.

How long will it take until my printed pieces are delivered?
Each printing project will have different production schedules. For a more detailed schedule, please refer to the timeline needed for each print size needed to avoid delay in your printing.

Will I receive the exact quantity I order?
We practice the printing industry standard that allow for a variation amount of +- 5% over and under on quantity. Nevertheless, we will make an effort to keep our production to meet your exact order.

How can I make multiple orders from various printing sizes?
The best way to order multiple orders is to order each item separately. Each size has a different printing timeframe. You can give your elements similar names so that we know they are related and we can try our best to put them all on the same production schedule so that they can be delivered at the same time.

Can I alter my order for a different finishing or printing process for my orders?
No. Every file we receive and screen will be immediately processed as long there is no problem with your file. Thus, it is not possible to have different finishing once printing process started.

Do you do customization printing?
Yes, we do handle customized projects. Go to our contact form and fill out a request for a quote. Be sure to indicate the size you desire.

What file formats do you accept?
We prefer to accept artwork in
  1. Adobe Illustrator (.ai) version 10 and above
  2. Adobe Acrobat Document (.pdf) high resolution
How can I send or upload my artwork to you?
You can send us your file in few ways:
  1. (capability to send up to 100mb/file for free)
  2. Drop us an email for files less than 10MB
  3. Send us your CD-Rom, floppy disk, Zip disc or Jaz disc, if you are not sending the files electronically, to our office address.

Should I compress or zip my files before sending to you?
It is preferable not to compress or zip the files that you upload or e-mail to us. For larger files of more than 10Mb, we encourage the use of

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